Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry is based on the concept that the mouth and oral structures are an integrated part of the whole body.

We support your choice to live a healthier, more natural, and less toxic life.

At Pure Dental Care we take a natural approach to dental care emphasizing prevention and early intervention to protect your natural smile. We keep dental treatments as minimally invasive as possible while using dental materials that are not toxic to your body.

We promote oral health and well being through:

  • promotion of proper nourishment for the prevention and reversal of dental disease
  • promotion of physical and mental balance
  • avoidance and elimination of toxins
  • prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion as a physical imbalance
  • prevention and non-surgical treatment of gum disease

In our office we use:

  • mercury free and BPA free tooth colored restorations
  • fluoride free dental cleanings
  • alternative to fluoride tooth remineralizing¬†agents
  • broadly compatible ceramic restorations used for onlays, crowns and bridges
  • digital x-rays reducing exposure to radiation by more than 80%
  • BPA free Invisalign teeth straightening system
  • BPA free nightguards