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How Porcelain Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

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Do you wish for a brighter, more ideal or beautiful smile? Porcelain veneers can help you achieve the smile you desire relatively quickly and affordably. Rather than straightening or whitening your existing teeth, you can simply resurface them. 

Porcelain veneers consist of an artificial tooth surface that is attached to the front of the existing tooth. They are usually attached in a row across the front teeth that are the most visible, giving them a fresh new look. 

What Cosmetic Dental Issues Can Porcelain Veneers Correct?

Veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure because they can improve the look of your teeth by changing their size, shape, and color of teeth 

Here are some of the cosmetic issues veneers can correct.

  • Misaligned teeth. When teeth are out of alignment, porcelain veneers can hide this fact. A row of veneers can be placed over the teeth to make them look straight.
  • Crooked teeth. Whether you have one or more crooked teeth, veneers can make them appear straight by covering the existing teeth with a smooth new surface. 
  • Gaps between teeth. Veneers fit over the surface of each tooth and slightly wrap around the sides, which can diminish gaps between the teeth. 
  • Discolored teeth. When whitening your teeth doesn’t work, veneers give them a new clean white surface. 
  • Chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers can be used to cover chipped teeth so that they look whole again. 

Teeth that are uneven in shape and size. Veneers create a uniform look for your teeth when they aren’t all the same length and width.

What is the Process for Getting Veneers?

It may take a few visits to the dentist to get veneers. Dr.Elzbieta Paul likes to begin any dental treatment with the end in mind. What that means is to have a clear vision of desired esthetic outcome by good communication with patients.

  1. First, we will evaluate your smile to see if you are an ideal candidate. We will take photographs of your face, smile, and your teeth. Study models of your teeth will be prepared and you will be asked questions about the expected new smile look including size, shape, and color of your desired teeth. Very often, a patient will be asked to bring a picture of a smile he/she always dreamed about. Photographs will be used to simulate the proposed look of the new smile/veneers.
  2. To better communicate with the patient about the final outcome is recommended to create a diagnostic teeth wax-up. A diagnostic wax-up offers a simulation of the procedure you are about to have on the stone model. Diagnostic wax-up is very useful in planning veneers with minimal tooth reduction by adding tooth structure and enamel preservation rather than removing it later on.
  3. Diagnostic wax-up can be then transferred to the patient mouth to create a mockup, which is a preview of the aesthetic outcome directly over your teeth. The mock-up is easily removed after that. 
  4. Once the wax-up and mock-up is approved by the patient, the patient is scheduled for teeth preparation and impressions visit. The next step is to prepare the surface by filing down a composite mock-up and a very thin layer of enamel. Impressions are taken of your teeth and sent to a specialized lab to be fabricated by a trained ceramist.
  5. During the appointment, your teeth will be protected with temporary veneers. 
  6. At the final visit, the ceramic veneers are tried-in on your teeth and have to be approved by the patient before final cementation. The veneers are then attached to the surface of the existing teeth with a bonding material that secures them. A special light is used to harden it so that they stay firmly in place. 

Veneers look and feel like your own teeth. 

Why Are Veneers Made of Porcelain?

There are many benefits to porcelain veneers. Porcelain is one of the strongest materials and is also the most natural-looking option. Porcelain veneers are custom-designed in a lab according to the precise specifications given by your dentist so that they fit properly and look great. 

Other materials such as composite veneers are a faster, more affordable option. However, they do not last as long as porcelain and are more likely to stain. Prefabricated veneers are another option, but they are less likely to fit and look natural because they are not custom-made for your teeth. 

Benefits of Veneers Over Other Cosmetic Procedures

  • Natural-looking. Some cosmetic dental procedures leave teeth looking unnaturally white or too perfect. Porcelain veneers look very real. 
  • Stain-resistant. Porcelain does not stain easily from food or drink. 
  • Conservative approach. If you’re looking for a simple procedure to improve your smile, veneers fit the bill. 
  • Less intensive. Not interested in spending a lot of time in the dental chair? Veneers are a much less invasive procedure than many others. 
  • Affordable. Veneers are affordable when compared to dental implants and other restorative procedures.

Get the Smile You Want From Pure Dental Care

Are you ready to transform your smile? Pure Dental Care can fit you with custom porcelain veneers that will change the way you see yourself and the impression you make on others. Your smile should be the first thing people notice about you, and veneers can help to make sure that the first impression is a positive one. 

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